Central to this ambitious project is the creation of a stunning four-story atrium, which will serve as the heart of the residence. This magnificent space will not only be the focal point of the home’s interior but will also offer breath-taking views of the expansive garden, seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors.

One of the atrium’s many virtues is its ability to bathe the entire house in natural light, infusing every corner with an uplifting and inviting ambiance. But this grand space is not just about illumination; it will also serve as an awe-inspiring gallery to showcase our esteemed Client’s exceptional art and sculptural collection, blending creativity and architecture into a harmonious symphony.

We are delighted to collaborate once again with our esteemed partners, ACT, who will spearhead the construction as the main contractor. With their expertise and our collective vision, we are poised to deliver a project of unparalleled quality.

The program is set to span 76 weeks, allowing us ample time to meticulously craft every detail and ensure the realization of our shared vision.

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