Studio Indigo

Curators of spaces with soul and character

We believe in curating spaces with soul and character through an expertly bespoke approach. With a passion for creating quiet luxury that is built on comfort and warmth; with each client journey approached with a sense of discovery.

An unfaltering ambition to surprise and delight through the celebration and beauty found only in the idiosyncrasies of the hand-crafted.

A sympathetic balance of the outside and the inside, old and new that results in timeless spaces that tell your story.

Studio Indigo is an award-winning collective of dynamic and diverse architects and talented interior designers with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Explore our curated selection of projects from around the globe, spanning residential, commercial and yachts.

Our Work
“Their ability to reinterpret, redefine and refine a space on land or water with a quiet elegance is in their design DNA”
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Boat International | Philos
Boat International | Philos
Philos: In Collaboration With The Glenrothes
Philos: In Collaboration With The Glenrothes


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