20 November 2015

The Times – November 2015

  • The Times – November 2015

    Studio Indigo’s work has been reflected in an article published in The Times on 20th November 2015 section of Bricks & Mortar. Similar to the Showcase article in the Sunday Times in March, this article embraces the ‘Feature Staircase’.

    The property featured in this article can be viewed here

    The article titled “The Upwardly Mobile Refurbishment” explains how the staircase can be the “key element” for a “quick pre-Christmas revamp” to your home. It could be as simple as introducing a runner or updating the lighting. Something more dramatic may mean an entire renovation by removing what’s existing and starting again.

    James Kandutsch of Studio Indigo explains the potential use of the space created with a staircase, “Some clients want storage, others want to create space for a desk where children can work, or as a second study where both partners need a work space in the home.”

    Whatever it is you decide to do, as the article advises, just make sure it stays “in context” with the rest of your home.