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19 March 2020

Studio Indigo on London Design Week Panel 2020

  • Studio Indigo on London Design Week Panel 2020

    Mike Fisher shares his views on “How to Grow Your Business” at London Design Week 2020

    This year’s London Design Week saw Studio Indigo’s Creative Director Mike Fisher, joined by Samantha Todhunter and Emily Todhunter, on the Design Centre’s annual “Conversations in Design” Panel. The event was hosted by Editor Helen Barrett of FT House and Home who posed questions on “How to Grow Your Business” to the three well-known industry experts.

    The insightful event took place on the 10th March at the Chelsea Harbour and saw the room sold out. Panellists explored various themes of how to make a leap from a small practice to large studio which included discussions on finance, taking advice, how to deal with social media and ensuring you have a good team around you.

    “You need to have the right attitude when you walk into an interview”

    All three Panellists found their way into the design industry through different pathways but each agreed that, although getting qualifications is important, having the right attitude and getting some work experience is integral to getting your dream career.

    Emily Todhunter encouraged finding a partner to start a business with, someone who can subsidise qualities that you may lack so that your company is a complete package. It is important to understand the attributes that you may not have and focus on your strengths.

    “Stick to your guns and don’t lose focus on what you want”

    In this day and age, it’s easy to succumb to the pressures of what everyone else is doing as we are bombarded by perfect lives via social media platforms. The Panellists made it clear that although Instagram is a great tool for inspiration, you shouldn’t focus on what other studios are doing.

    Mike Fisher said “I don’t mind being inspired by Instagram but I don’t want to design for it” His philosophy for ignoring trends and instead getting to know your client as much as possible, has seen Studio Indigo prosper. His advice to budding designers is to get to the root of your client’s character and understand their way of life – design for your clients, not for the masses.

    Networking is essential”

    The design industry can be difficult to breach but Samantha Todhunter stressed the importance of networking. As a natural introvert, she stated how she found this a difficult process but by pushing herself to go to events and parties it gave her confidence and helped her cement important connections within the industry – a fundamental ingredient to make your business grow,

    “Cultivate Happiness”

    Lastly, all three Panellists agreed that having a team around whom you can trust is the key to success. The ability to harness the power of delegating will impact the efficiency of both your company and your teammates. As Mike said – “take care of your staff”.

    Thank you to the Design Centre for inviting Studio Indigo onto the Panel.