The architecture is a blend of past and present, with a wooden cantilevered staircase replaced with black basalt stone, of which the rest of the home and six floors articulate around, creating a cohesive and free-flowing space. We’ve played with texture and the way in which different finishes reflect or absorb light, creating a blend of shades of grey, the darker working with and complementing the lighter.  The Client’s personal style is contemporary, but edgy, so we introduced a touch of metal into the design in the form of trim, inlay and detailing.  The antithesis to Art Deco, there are no curves in this design – all the lines are square and straight.  Apart from the doorknobs, there is no ironmongery and no decorative details – the joinery is neat and unobtrusive, highlighting historical details instead of hiding them. Moments of colour have been introduced through playful and contemporary artwork.


The home is a true celebration of artisanal craftsmanship; the entire entrance lobby features a bespoke cross combed stucco finish by DKT Artworks which includes multiple layers of silver, and grey tones applied on a darker background. A methodical process of building layer upon layer by hand with alternating brushstrokes and blading, creating a pulsating shimmering surface that changes with the light and perspective. Furthermore, flush plates were hand painted to mimic the marble behind them by specialist painter Henry Ven Der Viver – an arduous and precious technique. Underneath this home also lies a secret state of the art James-Bond style wellness area with a hidden pool that retracts at the touch of a button, and luminous cave-like spa facilities, creating the perfect sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of London’s streets.

In Memoriam of Queen Elizabeth II