Office plants add life to the interior and help reduce stress, anxiety as well as boost air quality – something the client was keen to introduce – as a burst of fresh foliage is a simple way to bring colour, texture and a sense of wellbeing to the work environment.

There are also various break-out areas, boardroom and office spaces including a library and an elegant kitchen, all divided by contemporary glass partitions. These were made using ribbed glass, providing privacy whilst allowing light to pass through In the main boardroom, a new bespoke joinery wall contains storage and shelving that also hides the functional office supplies and printing services.

Upstairs, the executive office features a stunning domed ceiling and a beautiful array of bold colours, while an open terrace overlooks the London skyline providing breath-taking views of the city. 


"A true reflection of the cool, laid-back 
and yet ambitious ethos of those who 
work there, this space delivers 
unpredictability in style"
OnOffice Magazine 


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