• Categories:Architecture, Interiors
  • Architecture:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Interiors:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Landscapes:Bartholomews Landscaping
  • Photos By:Andreas von Einsiedel Interiors
  • Location:London, W8
  • Status:Completed


This house was built approximately seven years ago to a developer’s standard of design and finish. Architecturally it was uninspiring and poorly laid out with three staircases and a maze of rooms. Technically many of the services were sub-standard and the building suffered from extensive damp. However, its discrete central location, low rise and broad width were its redeeming qualities.

Having purchased the property the client quickly got cold feet and could not see how the house could be redeemed. Studio Indigo remained confident that, although a challenge, the house could be turned into something very special.

To complicate matters, timing was a key factor for the client who was relocating from overseas to London. The house was redesigned and rebuilt in seven months from start to finish – not bad for a 7,000 sq. ft. house! In that time the garden was also completely redesigned. Studio Indigo worked closely with the main contractor, LTS, and the landscape designers, Bartholomew’s, to achieve this ambitious programme of works.

The internal spaces were re-planned, the three staircases rationalised into one to provide the ‘wow’ factor and to help integrate all four floors of the house. Each of the individual rooms was designed to give a distinct character and identity – the most important being the ‘Great Room’, ‘Family Room’ and ‘Master Bedroom Suite’, with its stunning vellum lined 1930’s inspired dressing room.