Lord Allen of Kensington


Over the past twenty years or so, I have forged a close working relationship with Mike Fisher and Studio Indigo.

Each and every house he has refurbished for me, both here in London (all in Kensington and Chelsea) and in South Africa, has become a much loved family home and, equally importantly I believe, has increased in value far in excess of the London average.

His attention to detail, his ability to turn an uncompromising space into something special, the materials he uses and the quality of his finishes are second to none.  He also employs only the best contractors and craftsmen in order to produce homes of exceptional quality.

I can think of no-one better than Mike and his team at Studio Indigo to carry out the work on your home.  I know you will be delighted with the results.


Stuart and Cassie Reid


I have been so impressed with Studio Indigo and the help they have given me and my wife over the development of our house. Nothing is too small or too difficult; they are always there with expert advice and a knowing eye.

A development of a property of any size is a daunting process, but their expertise, skill and endless list of experts has made everything so much easier and, dare I say, enjoyable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone going through this process – indeed were we to do it again, we would look nowhere else.


Private Phillimore Client


When looking to hire an architectural firm to completely renovate our 1860’s five-storey home, we wanted someone who understood the importance of family living without compromising the original feel and architectural qualities of the house.

A further requirement was to find a firm who could keep us engaged and apprised of the progress and problems during the process because we lived overseas. Mike Fisher assembled a team which was professional, creative, respectful and refined. When problems arose, the team handled them thoughtfully and with great diplomacy. We placed a lot of faith in Studio Indigo and are enormously pleased with the result.

The house is stunning – light and open and inviting. The experience from start to finish – brainstorming, drawings, problem solving, negotiations, construction and completion – was an extremely positive one.


Jake and Helene Marie Shafran


Studio Indigo, led by Mike Fisher’s strong and quiet hand, have shown time and time again a very bespoke and focused approach to modernising and elegantly transforming gracious London houses.  With a very creative mindset, an early key to their success is an in-depth knowledge of the planning process and an understanding of the forces that motivate conservation across different boroughs in London.  This has led, in turn, to quick consent from the authorities – keeping our interests at the top of the agenda. They have always provided a very sensitive approach to neighbour and contractor relations throughout the various building phases, being of further invaluable help to us.

Studio Indigo has a growing, cheerful team of very effective and thoughtful architects, designers and administrators who are driven to execute at all levels with excellence.  It is still, however, a firm small enough to have the guiding hand of the principal in all the projects – which has always been very important to us.

John Knight

Contractor (KnightBuild)

We have never before worked for any other architectural practice which turns around information and designs as quickly as Studio Indigo. They are phenomenal.

I have witnessed a structural engineering practice issuing drawings to Studio Indigo in the evening for checking or approval and then receiving an email from them at 11 pm the same night either approving these drawings or identifying errors. This is commendable dedication not just from one team but from all of the teams at this practice.

We are currently involved in six jobs with Studio Indigo as the main architects and each Studio Indigo team works unbelievably hard to make sure the job is carefully thought-out and practically designed by engaging with the various specialists before the work commences. This is very refreshing!

I have never known a practice which works as hard as Studio Indigo or to have so many quality individuals doing varied roles to an exceptionally high standard. This is why, when I am asked which practice I would recommend, I always say that there is only one and that one is Studio Indigo.

Tony Hayes

Consultant (Michael Barclay Partnership LLP)

It has been both enjoyable and refreshing to be working with architects who get involved with all aspects of the project and take care to make sure that they understand the issues involved and ensure the client’s position is safeguarded, as much as is possible with Central London refurbishment projects.

What I find particularly encouraging, and helpful, is the fact that everything is drawn at appropriate levels of detail so that the interfaces between the disciplines can be fully understood. Drawing is such an important part of the design and construction process and it is good to see that Studio Indigo recognise this.

Often we are asked what we think makes a good architect, design is an obvious answer but we believe that it must be more than just that. A dedication and responsibility to a project is crucial, architects must lead the process. This approach is reflected in our experiences to date with Studio Indigo.

Nathalie Hirst

Property Acquisition Consultant (Nathalie Hirst Limited)

I have worked with Studio Indigo for many years, and I always say that when I refer them my clients they will receive an exemplary service from a very professional and creative team of architects.

Mandy Craig

Estate Agent (Hamptons International)

Over the last ten years I have seen a number of Studio Indigo’s projects and, without exception I have been impressed by their outstanding quality. They are the only architects and designers I would recommend to my clients!