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20 December 2013

The Youth Outreach Centre

  • The Youth Outreach Centre

    As well as supporting charities in the United Kingdom, we have decided to look at ways to support charities worldwide. This year we are proud to be helping an orphanage in Cape Town. The Youth Outreach Centre in Stellenbosch, South Africa is a state run orphanage for 25 children cared for in two houses – one for boys and the other for girls. Money is naturally scarce and there are little funds for all the extras which we all take for granted.

    Our aims are modest – we want to raise enough money for each child to have a school uniform, a school bag containing books, pencils and pens and a cake and a present when it’s their birthday – these are all things they currently do not have. In addition, we have already raised enough money to give the children treats such as a trip to the local swimming pool followed by a burger! The looks on their faces say it all!