25 September 2015

The Times – September 2015

  • The Times – September 2015

    Studio Indigo’s work has been reflected in an article published in The Times on 25th September 2015 section of Bricks & Mortar. The article entitled ‘How to Add Space and value to your home’ asks the question: “Have you opted to improve or move?”

    Improving one’s home seems to be the preference for most Brits these days rather than moving, due to the “upheaval and expense that goes with moving”. This article looks at ten things you need to consider when renovating – “The Kitchen”, “Converting a garage”, “Loft conversions”, “Conservatories”, “Extending”, “Digging a basement”, “Upgrading a bathroom”, “Floor-plan redesign”, “Planning permission” and “Finding an architect”.

    Journalist Holly Thomas reveals that while the Kitchen is a selling point, spending huge amounts “won’t always increase the value of your home”, but converting a garage is “probably the most cost effective way of adding extra space”.

    Another great way to add space is with a loft conversion and as James Kandutsch of Studio Indigo discloses, there is a current trend of turning the loft space into a children’s play-area and bedroom. For any conversion though it is important to consult the right people, including a party wall specialist surveyor.

    A conservatory can often be added without planning permission but building control is a must. Planning permission is however essential for extensions. As James Kandutsch says “It’s popular for homeowners to extend into the garden, creating a more open-plan kitchen and dining space for the family. And instead of a room on top you can have a small private terrace.”

    Digging out a basement can be very expensive but has become “increasingly popular” and can be a “good solution for those who don’t want to lose garden space.” However, something much simpler would be upgrading an existing bathroom or just adding a separate shower cubicle. To increase value further, “adding a small bathroom is a good idea.”

    A redesign by an architect of an existing floor plan is a great option if an extension is not possible. James Kandutsch says, “We can do this by opening up the floor plan, drawing more light into the house to create the illusion of space, lifting the ceiling in some cases, or simply ditching built in furniture and choosing freestanding units so the floor is visible to the perimeters of the room.”

    Certain restrictions on house extensions are set to be removed which “could knock thousands off the cost of an extension”, as planning permission can be costly as well as stressful. For whatever you may be doing just always be sure to check with your council in case permission is needed.

    Finding an architect is made easy with the RIBA Client Services team whom you can contact to provide you with a “tailored list based on your requirements” – or you could just call us at Studio Indigo!