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17 October 2019

The Clockspire Restaurant Completed

  • The Clockspire Restaurant Completed

    MILBORNE PORT, UK – Studio Indigo are pleased to announce the completion of the Clockspire Restaurant, the former Grade II Listed Medlycott Centre, located in the idyllic town of Milborne Port, Somerset. Set against the stunning English countryside, the much-anticipated restaurant will seat 70 and will serve British cuisine with a homely feel that focuses on home-grown fresh local produce. Customers will be able to experience beautiful food within a thoughtfully designed space.

    The Medlycott Centre was originally built by Sir William Medlycott in 1864 and was initially a school, however, the building had undergone several changes throughout the years, being used for a wide range of services including an IT business and printing company. Currently the building has been disused for a considerable amount of time and Studio Indigo has been given the chance to bring it back to its former glory.

    The London-based designers carefully studied the history of the building to ensure that the refurbishment highlighted its heritage and took great care in considering the community from planning to completion. The project has resulted in a strong support from the neighbourhood, with over 150 people attending the presentation which was held in June 2018, demonstrating the new scheme to the attendees. Architecturally, Studio Indigo brought back to life much of the historical features both internally and externally, including the restoration of the clock tower which still stands today as s symbol and prominent landmark of the town.

    Over time the original hall layout had been lost due to unsympathetic alterations. Studio Indigo aimed to reinstated the original historical floorplan and proportions of the central and west hall. Whilst the East Hall now accommodates the new chef’s kitchen and a new mezzanine level has been created where customers will be able to order a drink and truly appreciate the striking ceiling from a different perspective- the roof’s original exposed timber beams that envelope the ceiling entirely have now become the heart of the space.

    The design team aimed to create interiors that had a distinct balance between old and new, although it was also crucial for the interior design to not be overbearing as to allow the rich historical architectural features to truly shine. Set against a natural and tonal colour palette, splashes of red and teal generate a sense of excitement and interest within the soft furnishings and contemporary furniture.

    The Clockspire will be run by the experienced restaurateurs Alessandro Fasoli and John Campbell, Managing Directors of WSH & JC Restaurants, and the talented British Chef Luke Sutton.  Luke’s first taste of a professional restaurant came from his time at Michelin starred L’ortolan in Berkshire where he felt instantly at home in the fast paced, high pressured environment, learning to thrive under these conditions. Luke left to begin a new chapter at the newly opened Woodspeen restaurant under chef John Campbell, here he ascended through the ranks from a chef de partie to senior sous chef. With ingredient led cooking at his heart, he is always striving to limit waste and preserve the quality of our surroundings.

    The Clockspire will open its doors on the 22nd October 2019 and reservations can be made here