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05 February 2018

Territorio de Zaguates

  • Territorio de Zaguates

    Studio Indigo are thrilled to support a charity based in the mountains of Costa Rica called Territorio de Zaguates, whose aim is to help re-home stray dogs.

    Co-founded by Lya Battle and Alvaro Saumet, they are changing the lives of thousands of rejected and abandoned dogs by providing them a safe haven:

    “Ever since we started with Territorio de Zaguates we have encountered more than our share of obstacles, and more than our share of grief, but in our hearts we knew that “unwanted” dogs–those brave, broken strays–deserved a place to call home…truly home, for as long as they needed. A place where no one would shoo them away, where they need not fear hunger, entrapment, or pain. Territorio de Zaguates began as a hope, and managed to become a reality in no small part thanks to the trust and support of a defiant tribe of dreamers. A tribe who shares the ideal of a world where dogs no longer need to beg for love or shelter from humans.

    We will teach the world that dogs deserve better than what the “system” offers. Our dogs may not live in the lap of luxury, but they live in peace, freedom and very happy…”- Lya Battle

    As a Studio with a mutual love for dogs (as our Staffordshire Bull Terrier mascot, Charlie will confirm) we are incredibly pleased to be part of this ‘tribe’.

    Click here to find out more on Territorio de Zaguates