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08 November 2018

Studio Indigo’s Federica Barbon on Design Panel at Asia Week

  • Studio Indigo’s Federica Barbon on Design Panel at Asia Week

    The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour has been host to a number of events during Asia Week – a week highlighting and celebrating all the beautiful art disciplines inspired by Asia, attracting international collectors, designers, architects and art lovers.

    Amongst all the fantastic events taking place, Studio Indigo was asked to participate in the ‘Design my NIO’ panel- a design challenge aimed at taking three designers from Interior Design studios to bring a fresh and new perspective to the interiors of the NIO EP9 Supercar, one of the fastest electric cars in the world.

    The invitation was a great challenge for Studio Indigo’s Federica Barbon. As a designer who had never worked in the car industry, she was able to bring her yachting and residential design skills to her concept.  She joined the panel on 7th November 2018 along with designers Nicola Bianchi of David Collins Studio and Rabih Hage.

    Inspired by her first impressions of the EP9, Federica’s concept grew from a strong theme of contrast which the car exuded: Speed v Silence, Traditional v Technology, Lightness v Strength.  Suggesting that NIO was the leader of a new generation of cars, she took the EP9 as a turning point in history and looked towards the past; in particularly significant milestones on our planet which impacted life itself: the Stone Age.

    Stone, a typically solid and hard substance, can now, with the use of intelligent specialist technology, be thinly cut in micro-millimetres to be applied to any surface. Federica sourced such a finish from Barn in The City – a Danish company who are fast becoming the pioneers in finishes and textures. Her concept included the external body of the car being clad in Mica stone, with black panelling in VantaBlack, the darkest man-made coating, with the highest light absorbance making it almost invisible to the naked eye. The black panelling would give the impression of the car floating cross the open road.

    Moving towards the interiors, Federica used a mixture of rich textures and leathers, combining woven copper fabrics and chequered motifs as a nod to the traditional race car flag. The most impressive of all finishes is a feathered wall panelling from Turnell & Gigon purposely placed in the vertical opening doors of the car, mimicking an eagle’s wing and providing a flash of pattern to any admiring onlooker.

    We are very proud of Federica for taking such a holistic approach to a unique design brief – something we bring to every client at Studio Indigo. We also want to thank the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour and NIO for giving us such a fantastic and creative opportunity.