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12 July 2022

Studio Indigo reimagines a grand villa in Riyadh

  • Studio Indigo reimagines a grand villa in Riyadh

    As we continue to grow, so does our global experience, and we are thrilled to be designing a new home in Riyadh.  The 50,000 sq. ft villa will be specially designed for an extended and multi-generational family who seek a contemporary home with roots in tradition.  The architecture will incorporate sunken courtyards, water features, and self-shaded areas to create a variety of spaces that will withstand the subtropical desert climate.   It’s been incredible to immerse ourselves in richness that Riyadh has to offer to both learn from and influence our design. The interiors will be contemporary yet comfortable and timeless with elements of understated luxury.  As ever, the synergy of our architecture and interior design teams working together aims to create a unique home utterly bespoke to our client’s brief.