19 September 2014

Planning Success – Phillimore V

  • Planning Success – Phillimore V

    Following encouraging feedback received from the council at pre-planning advice stage, Studio Indigo has now obtained planning permission on a large Victorian town house located in the Phillimore Estate Conservation Area. The proposals include a new rear extension, remodelling all of the internal floor layouts and the construction of a new basement level beneath the footprint of the building extending beneath the front and rear gardens to accommodate additional living space.

    As part of the proposals the brief given was to open up and lower ground spaces to bring in a greater degree of natural light, currently hindered by the layout of the interior spaces and this levels relationship with raised rear garden.

    As such, the new proposals seeks to simplify, open up and fill the lower ground spaces with natural light, whilst providing improved connection to the rear garden and outdoor spaces, more in keeping with a modern lifestyle. At upper ground level, the proposed rear extension will accommodate a generous terrace accessed via a grand drawing room at this level or via a set of steps from the garden areas below.

    Externally, the property will be painstakingly restored to its original glory whilst the garden areas will be re-landscaped and improved. Stay tuned for further updates as we hope to commence works sometime during 2015.