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01 March 2016

Planning Success: Gilston II

  • Planning Success: Gilston II

    Studio Indigo have successfully appealed a planning application which was refused by RBKC under the latest basement policy CL7.

    The area of contention related to the allowance of 1m of soil below the existing paved area in the rear garden, which we sought to enlarge under the application.

    RBKC insisted we allow for 1m of soil under all areas of the garden, which would have resulted in a basement construction & excavation 1m deeper than necessary.  However, our appeal argued that the Basement Policy CL7 specifically states ‘the intention of the policy is to restrict the size of basements…by limiting the extent and duration of construction and by reducing the volume of soil to be excavated’.

    We argued that, by adding 1m of top soil below the courtyard area, RBKC would be increasing the extent of the basement, increasing the volume of soil to be excavated and increasing the construction period – all significantly more than currently proposed. This seems to directly contradict the Basement Policy CL7 with this approach and is not protecting the residential living conditions in the borough.

    The appeal success continues Studio Indigo’s excellent track record within RBKC.