18 November 2013

Planning Success – Campden Hill Road II

  • Planning Success – Campden Hill Road II

    Studio Indigo are pleased to have been granted Planning Approval on a subterranean extension and above ground alterations within the Phillimore Estate. A 6 month Planning and Appeal process was successful, as every aspect of the original scheme was granted approval at appeal.

    A slightly revised application was run concurrently with the appeal and was granted approval the same week – keeping the client’s options open. A third application, for enlarging the dormer window and inserting a conservation roof light was also approved.

    The proposal calls for a subterranean extension below the front garden of the site, linked to the Lower Ground Floor and containing a large open Family Room, Laundry, Utility & En-Suite Bedroom. All of the rooms benefit from large windows onto the lightwell, and the Appeal approved flush glazed skylight within the front garden.

    5,970 sq ft