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15 July 2021

Planning Achieved for Holland Park Project

  • Planning Achieved for Holland Park Project

    After a considered planning application, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved planning permission to extend a beautiful detached home in Holland Park, increasing its square footage by 20% whilst maintaining its historical vernacular.

    The private family home was originally built by James Hall in the 1800s and sits within the RBKCs Holland Park conservation area. Studio Indigo has worked tirelessly to rationalise the outdated layout and bring the building’s infrastructure into the 21st Century.

    The 8,000 sq ft will increase to 10,500 sq. ft giving the family a new gym and wellness area, whilst also achieving a more ergonomic circulation with a new central staircase and double height windows in the drawing room. The new layout will reinforce the connection with the outside terrace space whilst internal historical details will remain in place. The beautiful stuccoed front and exposed brick rear will stay in place in keeping with the architectural language of the neighbourhood.

    Congratulations to our team on this great achievement and to RBKC for their support.