16 February 2017

Penthouse, Mumbai

  • Penthouse, Mumbai

    Studio Indigo is in the developing stages of this super-opulent penthouse at the top of a luxurious 56 storey-high tower overlooking Mumbai.

    Construction is reaching its very final stages with slabs being cast up to the 54th floor.

    Following the conclusion of the layout design last year, Studio Indigo is currently working on the development of the individual rooms and coordinating the extensive services system. Some of the most interesting and unique spaces in the apartment will include a backlit lift shaft, a Japanese inspired entertainment room with lush greenery, a dazzling double height reception room and a lounge pool with a waterfall wall.

    In parallel to this, the interior team is putting together the most exquisite finishes and marquetry as well as selecting furniture that corresponds to the client’s luxury taste.


    Project Leader                  Joana Antonio

    Contractor                         India Bulls

    Completion Date             Second Quarter 2018