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17 October 2019

Notting Hill House Stage 1 Under Construction

  • Notting Hill House Stage 1 Under Construction

    The construction phase is on track for a large 5 storey home located in Notting Hill.

    The initial stage has now been completed with the underpinning and basement formation now in place, along with the lower ground floor slab installed. The next phase is now in progress with the structural steel frame starting to take shape, including a new entrance area to the lower ground floor.

    Planning permission for basement and rear extension was approved September 2018 with Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Planning Authority.

    Studio Indigo and design team are working alongside Knightbuild, who have done a great job managing the site and maintaining a clean environment during the refurbishment works.

    The rear extension at lower ground floor level is currently under construction to form flat roof planted space with bi-folding door access onto rear garden which has been designed in keeping with the existing mid-19th Century house