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23 July 2021

New Promotions Announced

  • New Promotions Announced

    We are delighted to celebrate the following promotions within the senior management team and new Associate appointments joining the leadership group within the Studio. These new appointments are a testament to the extraordinary job our team has done to maintain the Studio running smoothly, successfully and with a smile, particularly through the challenges of the last year

    We congratulate the following:

    > Liam Saxby – Director

    > Gemma McCloskey – Director

    Joining the Associate team is:

    > Adam Nightingale – Associate

    > Anita Heverin – Associate

    > Cornelius Crankson – Associate

    > Ellie Timms – Associate

    > Lyne Arbid – Associate

    Congratulations to all!

    The Studio Indigo team is very proud of the talent that we have developed and grown over the years and we are excited to see what they bring to the Studio.