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24 September 2020

Luxury Moscow Residences Concept

  • Luxury Moscow Residences Concept

    Studio Indigo was invited to design a prestigious suite of luxury apartments in a landmark Moscow location. The 100 apartment building would comprise a mix of 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom dwellings, a series of penthouses and two large villas, with prime boutique retail stores in the lower level and a residents’ spa and health facilities.

    Set near the Moskva River and in a central location, our aim was to design a building that integrated within the historical context of the urban city plan, but with a contemporary take on the traditional typologies. The ‘boomerang’ shape ensures that all apartments can delight in panoramic views of the city, including the river and the Christ Our Saviour Cathedral. Meanwhile, the top floors which house the luxury penthouse apartments can enjoy roof terrace access and further green areas.

    The richly detailed façade is made of stonework with bronze details in a classic modern style – a contemporary interpretation of the site’s heritage. Behind the façade lie a large courtyard and garden spaces perfect for the mix of families and working professional residents.

    One of the challenges was the stringent height restriction which resulted in a low-level building that maximised the entirety of the 19,000 sq. m site. The result is an elegant and dynamic design that responds to the city’s vernacular whilst maximising the stunning cityscape view with the addition of green spaces and retail shops.