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03 February 2014

Gipton Together

  • Gipton Together

    Studio Indigo are currently involved in helping out community charity Gipton Together, based in Gipton, near Leeds. Terri Loney, who is a lovely lady and the founder of the charity, recently said:

    “Gipton Together” is providing the local kids with an outlet for their energy and talent as we provide them with the activities they want, not what we think they want. What we are also trying to achieve is to bring the whole community together and reduce the suspicions and misunderstandings between young and old and the police.”

    Studio Indigo have recently called in the help of Interlock Surveys Ltd to carry out a measured survey of the Community Centre. The survey was carried out free of charge, as a gesture of goodwill and will enable us to carry out design work for the Community Centre. The proposal calls for the overhaul and upgrade of the entire centre to provide mixed use facilities for the whole community and to encourage young people off the streets by offering them positive activities including dancing, boxing, crafts, football, theatre and more. Studio Indigo hopes that by providing Architectural Services on a charitable basis, we can continue to invest in communities all over the world.