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18 January 2021

From London to Paris Challenge

  • From London to Paris Challenge

    At Studio Indigo, a typical year would result in many internal social events, including our yearly trip abroad which has always been a highlight, helping us widen and enhance our architectural and design perspective, and bond as a group. But as we find ourselves enduring another national lockdown, these have all been put on hold.

    To combat this and beat the January blues, the team at Studio Indigo have set ourselves a challenge to bring us closer, despite the distance. We’ve created the Team Fitness Challenge: from London to Paris.

    Our goal is to collectively walk or run from London to Paris meaning a whopping 476.5km to complete within one month. Using our daily allowance of exercise, this challenge aims to get our team moving and of course, a little healthy competition to motivate us!

    Each member will be logging their daily kms in the aim to reach our target.

    Exercise is so important both physically and mentally, and we encourage everyone to get a little fresh air and time away from our screens to regroup, recharge and feel good for the next day.