02 September 2019

Construction has begun in High Street Kensington Project

  • Construction has begun in High Street Kensington Project

    Studio Indigo has begun the construction phase on a large family home in High Street Kensington. The works involve the complete demolition and refurbishment with partial front façade retention of the exiting property. Construction works have commenced with Trenchcon Ltd completing the basement RC box and excavation. This will be followed by a Shell, Core, and Fitout phase due for completion in late Summer 2020.

    The proposal is a complete redesign which includes a reconfiguration of its dated layouts, the introduction of a new basement level and reinstating the original rear building line to tie in with neighbouring properties either side. The existing rear extension has been demolished allowing for a larger and grander garden perfect for the family.

    Studio Indigo are working closely in conjunction with Todhunter Earle to deliver the interiors.

    Architecture:                        Studio Indigo Ltd

    Project Architect:                Adam Nightingale

    Project Director:                  Andrew Richards

    Interiors:                                Todhunter Earle Interiors

    Project Manager:              Deacon & Jones LLP

    Basement Contractor:   Trenchon Ltd.

    Landscape Designer:      Mazzullo Russell Landscape Design

    M&E Consultants:            Carnell Warren Associates Ltd.

    Structural Engineers:     Michael Barclay Partnership LLP