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30 November 2020

35,000 sq. Ft Project Starting to take Shape

  • 35,000 sq. Ft Project Starting to take Shape

    Rising from the ground in the heart of St John’s wood, you can start to see a fantastic new-build home with a traditional Georgian façade featuring all the grand details you’d see in a great country Estate. A combination of handmade red bricks and Portland Stone complement each other across all four facades.

    This 35,000 sq. ft home has been designed and constructed to the highest of standards, pushing all the boundaries as well as the design teams and contractors to create a one-of-a-kind house that encapsulates everything a contemporary home might need.

    With its façade envelope nearly finished, tasks have turned to completing the internal structure and fitout which includes a large wellness/pool area and pool courtyard.

    Studio Indigo is so proud to be working on this project as Architects collaborating alongside HBA and Size Group. The home will feature the very best of craftsmanship and technology, all whilst hidden behind its traditional Georgian façade.