• Categories:Architecture, Interiors
  • Architecture:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Interiors:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Landscape:Bartholomew Landscaping
  • Photo's By:Andrew Beasley Photography
  • Location:London
  • Status:Complete


This semi detached house was typical of this area of the Bolton’s, very narrow and tall and had been added to over the years with a series of ugly extensions.

The house had been wonderfully decorated many years ago by the Italian designers Studio Peregalli, but the original layout remained ‘higgledy-piggledy’ and confusing.

Studio Indigo underwent a protracted planning battle with the local Council in order to widen the house and remodel the rear extension. This was partially successful and the increased width of the house allowed the house to be planned in a much more rational and simple manner.

The rear extensions were remodelled to improve their appearance and a large basement was constructed under the main house and rear garden to provide typical leisure facilities.

The new house was re-planned to reflect the clients more laid back Australian lifestyle on the lower ground floors whilst the grand reception rooms on the entrance level reflected his desire to entertain.

In typical Studio Indigo manner the staircase unites all floors to create one house that is filled with light from above and the sides.

The basement pool complex is surprisingly light filled and creates a bit of ‘Bondi’ in Central London.