• Category:Interiors
  • Interiors:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Photography:Alexander Kitaev and Irina Gundareva
  • Location:Russia
  • Status:Completed


This is a new penthouse in a purpose built apartment block on Vasilevsky Island in the heart of St Petersburg, Russia.

The client had purchased a basic concrete shell which allowed the flexibility to create a new plan with only some limitations dictated by plumbing. The layout of the apartment was designed to exploit the stunning views on the ‘Venice of the North’ from the main living spaces and extensive terraces.

A new three bedroom, four bathroom apartment with study, drawing and family room /kitchen has been created. The apartment has a classic contemporary feel with all the architectural detail being designed by Studio Indigo and built by an excellent team of builders in St Petersburg. All the internal furnishings were made in the UK and shipped to Russia.

Each space was designed with a distinct character and atmosphere whilst flowing effortlessly from one room to another.

The wonderful ‘White Nights’ with continuous day light during the summer and the dark winter days played a strong factor in the interior design. The reconfiguration of the apartment encouraged and maximised the flow of light and the distinct sense of colour was used to give warmth during the long winter nights.

The marriage of the two meant the palette was subtly bled from space to space rather than creating abrupt endings and divisions. The strength of the colour is found at the heart of the apartment. From here colours are cooled and diluted in the more contemporary spaces and calmed and warmed in the bedrooms.

Silks, velvets, linens and fur were all mixed to achieve a sense of luxury throughout.