• Category:Architecture
  • Architecture:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Interiors:Lindy Smallwood Interiors, Inc.
  • Landscape:Exterior Architecture Ltd
  • Photography:James Balston Photography
  • Location:London
  • Status:Completed


A glorious house overlooking the park has been beautifully restored and transformed into a modern family house. Internally the house has been totally reconfigured. The original grand Victorian staircase has been extended to the full height of the building to dramatic effect. This new space is used to organise all the other accommodation and provides a focal point to the house. Three huge windows and a skylight flood the area with light, making movement up and down this staircase a real treat.

Large elegant rooms take full advantage of the views over the large garden and park beyond. The house has been extended at lower ground level to improve the family living accommodation and provides a pleasant terrace from the entertaining rooms.

A staff flat has been successfully incorporated under the front garden and can be accessed directly from the street.

Externally, all brickwork has been refurbished, whilst the stucco and decorative embellishment to the front facade has been scrupulously refurbished to its original splendour.


When looking to hire an architectural firm to completely renovate our 1860’s five-storey home, we wanted someone who understood the importance of family living without compromising the original feel and architectural qualities of the house.

A further requirement was to find a firm who could keep us engaged and apprised of the progress and problems during the process because we lived overseas. Mike Fisher assembled a team which was professional, creative, respectful and refined. When problems arose, the team handled them thoughtfully and with great diplomacy. We placed a lot of faith in Studio Indigo and are enormously pleased with the result.

The house is stunning – light and open and inviting. The experience from start to finish – brainstorming, drawings, problem solving, negotiations, construction and completion – was an extremely positive one.