• Categories:Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
  • Architecture:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Interiors:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Landscape:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Photo's By:Andreas von Einsiedel Interiors
  • Location:London, W2
  • Status:Complete


The strong architectural spaces formed within the house, as well as their very high ceilings, created an elegant and grand house. The challenge was to turn these spaces into a comfortable family home.

The clients’ diverse and unusual collection of art, furniture, rugs and sculpture was the starting point for the interior design. An eclectic mix of modern art and unique pieces of furniture was interspersed with other items of furniture which were specifically designed and made for the house, such as bedside tables and consoles.

The house is primarily designed for entertaining and the entrance hall is a favourite spot for cocktail parties. But when the clients wish to relax, they can cocoon themselves in the ‘cellar like’ media room and snuggle up in soft cashmere, suede and linen to watch a movie.

Bedtime is the time to retreat into the stately four poster “contemporary” bedroom overlooking the first floor hanging garden terrace. The adjoining dressing room is made of vellum and cedar wood and its unique curvaceous form is designed to maximise the amount of storage space for clothing and accessories. This room is just one of the highlights of the house. The dressing room leads into an opulent master bathroom inspired by the grand classic hotels of the 1920’s and 30’s but with a contemporary twist achieved by the over scaled photograph by Edward Burtynsky of a ‘step well’ at Chand Baori in Rajasthan.

This house is about surprise and delight (a favourite Studio Indigo objective), about the unusual, the amusing and the entertaining. It is a house that enriches your senses by experiencing its spaces, art, furniture and fabrics every day.