• Categories:Architecture
  • Architecture:Studio Indigo Ltd
  • Interiors:Nigila Boyd Ltd
  • Landscape:Chris O'Keefe
  • Photos By:James Balston Photography
  • Location:London, W8
  • Status:Completed


This mid-19th century semi-detached blue plaque property hides behind its façade an exciting and dramatic surprise. A once cramped and unbalanced layout meant that the family had quickly outgrown their home.

Initially the client brief was only to incorporate a small basement under the front garden area in order to create an additional bedroom and storage space. However, the scope of works quickly grew and the entire property was re-planned to include the addition of a new 1,900 sq ft basement which extended under the entire footprint of the property and the front garden, adding another interesting dynamic to an already unusual house.

The property itself is full of interesting and quirky spaces, making it a very extraordinary and different home when compared with the typical London house. All these attributes, combined with the additional basement level (which really does feel as if it has been constructed above ground), make this a surprisingly deceiving home in terms of scale and grandeur to all who walk through the front door.